WE know you have questions

frequent questions

Do you do company shows?

YES!  We do Corporate, Company, Restaurants & Bars.

Do you do bars?


Do you do restaurants?


Will you do my event free?

NO, I do a specific amount of charitable work every year and all my free time has been given to some wonderful causes.

Do you do kids shows?

We sure do! Balloon animals, kids magic and age appropriate comedy.  Kids love us.

What do you charge?

My prices vary on a few things. It depends on your event & location. I have differnet shows for different budgets. I can negotiate on some prices. My usual asking price for a local club / party show is $100 less than the other magicians i know. Plus I do a bigger show. You get more bang for your bucks when you get my show.

What separates you from any other magician?

I won’t do any trick or routine that I can’t put my own spin on. I do not copy other magicians like other people do. I like to call it making OLD tricks NEW again.

How far do you travel for a show?

Depends on what your willing to pay.

Can you do a show that kids & adults would equally enjoy?

ABSOLUTELY. Everyone has fun at my shows.

What's the weirdest show you've ever done?

Once I did a customer appreciation day at a funeral home.

What would happen if you were hired to do a show for adults, but then some kids were there?

My type of humor is PG to PG13. So the kids would not be tramautized for life. If your kids can handle watching The Simpsons, they can handle my adult show. No X’Rated language in any of my shows.