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About The Amazer . Jeremy Haak learned his first magic trick when he was 13. At age 16, he started performing as “The Amazer”. Since that time, Jeremy’s magic has entertained people from all walks of life including a Miss America, Two Legends of Professional Wrestling, and even other magicians. Jeremy Haak is a certified Doctor of Magic by the International Magicians Society and is the first and only 5 time winner of The Magician of the Year of Ring #11 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.


Jeremy has entertained for car shows, boat races, private parties, bars, grand openings & several other places. Jeremy Haak would be an excellent choice for your next event. Why settle for anything less than the 5 time magician of the year? Contact the Amazer today.


Why The Amazer?

 The Amazer

By Spencer Schein


Jeremy Haak is a man who has a knack for handling cards. During an interview, the man cannot help himself, maybe its an impulsive compulsion, but he cannot seem to talk without shuffling a deck of playing cards between his hands.

“When I don’t have a deck of cards in my hands, I feel naked,” said the Rock Falls magician stand up comic, who would rather tell a self-depreciation joke about himself than ever tell a joke about someone in his audience. Describing himself as a shy guy growing up, he tells his audience of his dating prowess in school this way: “When girls were asked who they were going to prom with, on girl would say she was taking the captain of the basketball team, another girl would say she was taking the captain of the football team, but who would say they were taking the guy doing magic tricks in the hallway in between classes?”

Now entering his 25th year in magic, Haak, 36, known professionally as “The Amazer,” wants to amaze you, and he is starting to get more notice. There are more than 1,000 tricks in his “bag,” and some of them are in the briefcase he takes with him to all shows. A native of Rock Falls, Illinois, Haak says he has spent a lot of money on magic tricks and has so many he has to store them in a shed. When he does his act and pulls out a deck of playing cards, he said inevitably someone will shout out, “I have seen this one before,” and each time Haak either says or thinks to himself, “Yeah, there are 5 billion card tricks,” and the one he does is the one the “big talker” says he hasn’t seen before.

He can juggle, make hundreds of different balloon animals, and is a master of the Rings trick. Haak is such a master of the ring trick; he mad his own instructional DVD on how you, too, can amaze your friends by either putting the rings together or taking them apart. The DVD was produced by www.magicmakersinc.com “I have copies, but they are not made for the general public. It teaches the linking rings. The video preview is on my site’s video section found at www.amazer1.com,” Haak said. Growing up, Haak explains he didn’t know what he wanted to do, but he wanted to be some kind of entertainer. Making people laugh was something he liked, Haak said as he ate a plate of a ham and cheese omelet, has browns, and a Pepsi, at The Spot Restaurant, in Sterling.

Magic was never in the mix, as Haak says he thought if someone was doing magic, it was a talent, an innate part of an individual that did not come with training, but it was within them. It was only after seeing one of his friends do a couple card magic tricks that he realized he could also do the tricks, and a new passion was born. Acknowledging that magic is mainly run by two rules: misdirection and slight-of-hand, Haak does his full deck of card trick, shuffling the deck as he tells a story and making it look like nothing is out of the ordinary. The rings he wears may amaze you: the one on his right hand is one with the four Aces, and on the left is one with AMAZER on the face. Or the fact he is the only five-time winner of the Magician of the Year from the Quad Cities International Brotherhood of Magicians.

He also uses magic during his day job as a substitute teachers-aide, mainly at Unit 5 schools in Sterling. Haak also makes appearances at area bars and restaurants, and inevitably after one or two tricks, someone buys him a beer. He is a favorite at M & D’s in Sterling, where he sometimes is given a dozen wings before getting to shuffle a deck of cards. And if he has to pay, well, whoever is behind the cash register either gets a jolt or their eyes open real wide, as his wallet becomes engulfed in flames. “I don’t have a problem with people asking for money anymore. Sure, go take it yourself,” he says with a laugh.

The one thing Haak emphasizes in his act is keeping it clean. While some in the business feel swearing is a necessity to their act, Haak said he keeps it out and his audiences tend to appreciate it. Haak has three acts at his behest, one for children, on for children and adults and on for adults only, which has “spicy” language, but nothing too far out of the ordinary.

To book Haak for your private party, your spouse’s birthday party, your child’s birthday party, your corporate outing, or for a public event, go to his website, www.amazer1.com. Prices vary, and he can do a show for 30 minutes up to 90 minutes.

You are in for a treat

Different Shows for Different Audiences




Truly Amazing

Show combines magic and stand-up comedy.

By Kimberly Allen

Special to Sterling Rock Falls Living

    At the age of 13, Jeremy Haak went on a family vacation to Florida. While many families head to the sunshine state to enjoy the Magic Kingdom, Haak discovered a love for magic tricks while visiting a shopping center in Kissimmee. It was there that he wandered through a magic shop for the first time and bought a Svengali Deck of cards. “Once I started performing for my family, I loved their response,” Haak said.

    Soon, he began trying other tricks, and by the age of 16, he was performing as “The Amazer.”

   “I still have that first trick though,” he said proudly. Haak’s shows are a combination of magic and stand-up comedy, which he likes to keep family friendly. This is a trait that makes him popular for all kinds if events and age groups. “It’s a great show for all ages,” Lisa Buccola said after hiring Haak to perform at a private party. “The adults at our party enjoyed the magic just as much as the kids.” Another fan is Colleen Kasier, who hired him for a performing arts festival. She said both children and adults kept talking about how wonderful his show was, “He is truly amazing,” she said.

    Part of what makes Haak’s shows so fun for the audience is that he truly enjoys what he’s doing, and that comes through in his performances. “It’s a lot of fun for me because I get paid to play,” he said with an infectious laugh. Most of the time, Haak prefers to perform out of a briefcase, and card tricks and linking rings are usually part of his shows. However, he does own many other props, both large and small. Haak has performed in many different places, including schools and libraries, private parties, comedy clubs, car shows, boat races, and even a funeral home during its customer appreciation day.

    “That was weird, let me tell you,” he said.

    Of all the illusions, though, Haak’s personal favorite is the linking rings. He has produced a video, “An Introduction to the Linking Rings,” that is available through Magic Makers Inc. of Sioux Falls, S.D. He’s even talking to that company about producing new videos on close up magic, making a standup show at home, as well as another linking rings video. One of the things Haak loves most about magic is that he can personalize it. “The linking rings have been around for 3,000 years, so I certainly didn’t invent it,” he said. “But I put my own spin on it.” To improve his performances, Haak spends countless hours rehearsing and watching videos to learn new tricks so he can change his shows. “I don’t like seeing the same thing over and over again, ” he said, “so I don’t want to do the same thing over and over again.” Haak also enjoys watching other magicians such as Michael Finney, David Copperfield, Penn & Teller, and Criss Angel.

     “I really like the guys who combine magic and humor,” he said. The only difference for Haak, though, is he likes to keep it clean. In addition to magic, Haak enjoys juggling and making balloon animals. Of course, these aren’t your average wiener dogs. Some of his creations require as many as a dozen balloons for a rainbow or a monkey climbing a tree. He has re-created popular cartoon characters from balloons, including the Simpson family, and now he is trying to perfect Spider-Man,.

    “His eyes aren’t right yet, but I’ll figure it out,” Haak said. And that’s who he is, the performer who keeps practicing until he’s perfected his work.